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Santa Cruz, California


We're Ric & Rose, of Grover Films. Based in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area & the Monterey Bay Area, in Santa Cruz, the we specialize in artistically filmed & edited cinematic wedding films. We do our best to do more than just document each wedding; for every couple we create a unique piece of art to tell their story. We LOVE destination weddings, and out door weddings in places like Napa California and Nestldown in the Los Gatos Mountains.


Behind the Scenes

Your film should be created by people invested in you, excited about your wedding and passionate about what they do. 

The art of telling your story. Crafting a film just for you.

Beautiful Things

We’re experienced filmmakers, dedicated to creating a touching and memorable story that will immerse you in a cinematic experience, each and every time you view it. We believe your film should be created by people invested in you, excited about your wedding, and passionate about what they do. That’s why we film and edit every wedding personally and only take on a limited number of projects each year.  Here is a sneak peek into our film making process.

Photo By  Danielle Gillett

Photo By Danielle Gillett

Getting to know each other

This process of getting to know each other starts with your first email or call. We usually get together for coffee, or set up a Google Hangout, so we can all spend some time together. We love the details: how you met, what drives you crazy, what makes you laugh. We want to know what you have planned for your big day, what you're most excited about. And we want you to get to know us better, so you'll be comfortable and confident on your big day

Behind the Cameras

The two of us shoot every wedding as a team, sharing our ideas and inspiration throughout the day.  For larger weddings and events, we bring along select professional cinematographers whom we know and trust. The artistry in our work comes from both our technical know-how and our an ever-evolving appreciation of light, perspective, and emotion. We are constantly thinking about the specific shots and moments that will complete each wedding's unique story, and about what cinematic elements we can apply to make the film stand out.

Photo by   Bethany Carlson

Photo by Bethany Carlson

After Your Wedding

When we get home from a wedding we are usually too excited about the day to resist showing each other our favorite shots and moments

What can I say!? You both are amazing! Not only am I speechless but I have a tear running down my cheek, well.... maybe a couple. I love the video and the song is perfect! ... BTW, u two are such a cute couple together, and we both love how you work so well together.
— Elizabeth

We take notes during every conversation and meeting we have. And we keep track of what’s important so we can capture what makes your day real, memorable, and exciting for you.

On Your Big Day

We are there to be supportive, encouraging participants on one of the most important days of your life. Weddings are organic spontaneous events. We take care to be part of things, working alongside your other vendors and capture what makes your day special, without being a distraction. We are there for you, and that’s what makes our job so fun.

The editing process is soon to follow. It starts with going over every bit of the footage, picking out the most artistic, memorable, funny, and emotional moments and consolidating them. We review our notes from meetings and emails, and keep in mind what is special to each of our couples as we create their custom film.

Screen Shot jenny and gleb 16 9.png

Cinematic Storytelling

Our backgrounds in cinematography and art help guide us in our film making process from beginning to end. Our style of editing is unique. We edit independently, and as a team, at different stages throughout the film making process. This collaborative editing process utilizes our complementary strengths and fresh perspectives to create truly personalized films.


100% Handmade

That's right, the two of us do everything in house, literally. We work together in all aspects of running our company and making our films. This way, every film we create, and every package we design, has a personal touch

Style & Quality 

Hand crafted, every film we create tells a story that allows our couples to relive the emotions and memories of their big day.  We take pride in our work and pay special attention to every detail of the films we create. We don't just document weddings. We capture a very special moment in your lives and create a unique piece of art to tell your story

Sam and I watched your video together this evening 4 times in a row and felt the joy from the wedding day all over again. Words really don’t do your filming and editing skills justice.... You told the story of the day with loving details better than I could have imagined!
— Nichole

Photo by Bellalu Photography