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Thanks for stopping by! We're Ric & Rose of Grover Films. Based in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey Bay Area, in Santa Cruz, we specialize in artistically filmed & edited short films. 

We know how much energy, emotion & time goes into the planning of every wedding; we treat the process of creating engaging cinematic stories with just as much care & attention to detail. We spend countless hours on every single wedding. We like to get to know our clients & we film and edit with great care, so we can tailor each film to each couple's big day. 

The film above will give you an idea of our cinematic style of filming & our meticulous approach to editing; you can find more examples of our work on the Our Films page. Each of our films has a different mood, pace and tells a unique story. To learn more about our film making process and find out what you can expect, be sure to check out the Backstage section, too!  

We hope to hear from you soon!
Ric & Rose

Ric & Rose | Grover Films | San Francisco Wedding Videography | Photo courtesy of BellaLu Photography

Ric & Rose | Grover Films | San Francisco Wedding Cinematography |  Photo courtesy of BellaLu Photography


Here's a quick sampling of our clients' reactions. For more extensive reviews, look us up on Yelp and WeddingWire

Jenny & Gleb | Grover Films | Nestldown Wedding Film
We just watched the video and it’s amazing. Even Gleb was speechless. We had zero doubt that you guys were the perfect people to capture our special day. You guys are true artists! We can’t wait to have the opportunity to use you guys again for something in the future. Maybe a baby video!
— Jenny
Melisa & Josh | Grover Films | Nestldown Wedding Film
Thank you so much. I had to pause it after 2 seconds hearing my father’s voice (balling!)... We finally made it through! Now I can’t stop watching it! I am so thrilled you were able to capture so many amazing moments in a very artistic way. Thank you thank you thank you!
— Melisa
OH MY GOSH!!! Jeff and I just watched this...twice in a row. We both laughed and cried and words can’t express how much we love this film! THANK YOU so much for creating something so special for us!!
— Sarah

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Photo courtesy of Danielle Gillett Photography

Photo courtesy of Danielle Gillett Photography