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Santa Cruz, California


We're Ric & Rose, of Grover Films. Based in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area & the Monterey Bay Area, in Santa Cruz, the we specialize in artistically filmed & edited cinematic wedding films. We do our best to do more than just document each wedding; for every couple we create a unique piece of art to tell their story. We LOVE destination weddings, and out door weddings in places like Napa California and Nestldown in the Los Gatos Mountains.

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Your business may be fascinating.

Even if it’s not, the story behind it probably is. And it’s your story that connects you and your customers.

At Grover Films, we can help you promote your company in a compelling way that draws customers in by appealing to the very human needs your product or service fulfills.


In today’s world of 24/7 media and short attention spans delivering your story isn’t always easy to engage your customers. Prospective customers need to be informed in an entertaining way, or they’ll quickly move on to the next thing that captures their imagination. Video, however, is the perfect way to engage them. It’s universally captivating on TVs, computers, tablets, and phones—every place we go to interact with our world.

So whether you’re branding your company, launching a new product, developing an explainer video, or reaching out to your audience via social media, we can help you connect with customers and tell your story.

We create corporate films from start to finish, with capabilities such as message development, storyboarding, filming, aerial photography, plus audio, lighting, editing, and other creative services.

When it comes to creating corporate videography, we’re all business. But we do our best to keep it fun. We’re professional, courteous, and enjoy involving you in the production process. We find that drawing on everyone’s talents results in the best work. We’re based in Santa Cruz, and we routinely do commercial work throughout San Francisco Bay Area. But we have the capability to bring our services to your location, wherever in the world that happens to be.