Grover Films

Ric & Rose

Photos by Bellalu Photography

Photos by Bellalu Photography

It seems a lot of you are curious about us, and who we are outside of being filmmakers, so here we are. 

It turns out our personalities, ambitions, and skills complement one another perfectly. On wedding days...and every day in between. 

Planning and creating wedding films is a fun and rewarding experience. But it's not the only thing we enjoy. On our days off, you can usually find us tending to our vegetable garden, cooking extravagant meals, or traveling to faraway places. We have a happy home in the mountains, a playful pup in the backyard, and a great deal of gratitude for them both. 

In short, we're ordinary people with a pretty extraordinary job. A job we love because of the people it brings into our lives and the way it allows us to share some of life's greatest joys. 

Below you can find a few of our personal films and get a more intimate look at who we are.