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Santa Cruz, California


We're Ric & Rose, of Grover Films. Based in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area & the Monterey Bay Area, in Santa Cruz, the we specialize in artistically filmed & edited cinematic wedding films. We do our best to do more than just document each wedding; for every couple we create a unique piece of art to tell their story. We LOVE destination weddings, and out door weddings in places like Napa California and Nestldown in the Los Gatos Mountains.

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Photographer Recommendations


Photographer Recommendations


Who we work with on the day of your wedding has an impact on our art, and (other than you) no one makes a bigger difference than your photographer. We approach every wedding as a collaboration and only recommend photographers that have the same philosophy.  

Below you will find a list of a few super talented photographers we know and trust. They are in no particular order and have different styles and personalities. We know finding the right person and style of photography is really important. We don't expect, or even want, you to like all of these photographers, but we hope you will fall in love with at least one. 

We have three primary criteria for this list. Each company must produce consistent and beautiful work that our past couples have loved. Their photographic style has to complement our filming style and result in a collaboration that will make for better photos and films for you. And last but not least, they have to be really great people with integrity, approachable personalities and a collaborative philosophy. 

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Carlie Statsky

Carlie and Gabe's photography is a mix of fine art photography and photojournalism.

"I like my images to have a natural and editorial feel to them, and I’m always drawn to beautiful light and those decisive moments that capture the connection between people and the joy within an event."


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Tanja Lippert

Tanja is a film photographer. Her style is a combination of fine art photography and fashion photography. 

"I often get asked, 'why do you still shoot with film?' The answer is pretty simple. I am a huge fan of the quality, richness & "magical" look that film has to offer. I believe that every great photographer is not only a photographer, but also an artist. A great photographer can not only capture great images, but create images worthy of capturing! I feel that it is my job to both capture and create and that is exactly what I do! "



Sylvie Gil

Sylvie specializes in fine art film photography. 

"I absolutely love to capture all the wonderful moments and emotions that create a wedding and I put my heart and soul into each event to create unique and timeless memories. Ultimately, these beautiful memories become heirlooms and are passed on from generation to generation. I can't think of a greater responsibility."




Nordica is a company based in Sweden and run by two photographers, Jacob and Cole. We have only worked with Jacob. His style is primarily photojournalistic but incorporates illustrative photography into his portrait time.

"Your wedding is a personal story that we are there to document. We believe the best results come from telling it like it is. The art happens in recognizing the moments when the setting, subject and mood are in sync and the real story unfolds naturally without being contrived."


Jake & Nicia

Jake and Nicia are a husband and wife team. They specialize in illustrative photography and natural light photography. 

"We specialize in photographing California's unique locations and creative couples. We enjoy becoming friends with every couple and feel blessed to be part of their wedding day. Our images reflect the beauty of creation and the joy of life."



Danielle Gillett Photography

Danielle is an expert natural light photographer with a degree in photojournalism. She is also the first photographer we ever worked with and is still a favorite of ours. 

"I believe that wedding photography should be more than just the photos you receive from your day. It should be an experience that you look back on or years to come. It's important to me to tell your story with a creative and authentic approach. I will do my best to capture your joy, your grace, your glam and your dreams. My approach to photography is organic and simple, capturing the true beauty, joy, and love one moment at a time.



Sun and Life

Jeff and Doriana are a husband and wife team. Their style is a mix of photojournalism and illustrative photography. They are super adventurous and game for anything.

"We are all about documenting creative, adventurous couples during one of their most amazing moments in life."




Gavin is an expert photojournalistic wedding photographer. 

"Your wedding photographs should be a reflection of who you are, the life you've built, and the people that you hold dearest. My photojournalistic approach to your day not only gives you room to breathe and enjoy your wedding, but it also authentically preserves the power and connection of your relationships for decades to come."


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Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto's style is a combination of fine art, fashion and editorial photography. 

"I'll find the photographic beauty in every part of your wedding, from the early parts of the day as you get ready, to the pageantry of your ceremony, and into the energy and excitement of your reception. In between these traditions, I'll capture the many emotions, as you and your family and friends come together. And throughout, I'll be capturing photographs that will help preserve your day and serve as vivid reminders of what you felt every step along the way."



Bellalu Photography

Bellalu is run by husband and wife team, Lindsey and Nathan. Their style is a combination of fine art and illustrative photography. Lindsey from Bellalu is who we had photograph our wedding.

"When we leave a wedding I have this sense of joy and sadness, I don't want to be leaving. You can't participate in a person's wedding and not be forever connected to that person."

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Augie Chang

Augie has a photojournalistic and illustrative photography style. 

"I describe my style as a combination of contemporary and classic. To me, this means working with each and every individual’s unique personality. I like the fact that my photographs are as unique as my subjects."



This list is in no way all-inclusive, we have worked with hundreds of photographers. If you don't find the right fit here, and you want to tell us more about what you are looking for, we are happy to provide you with more recommendations. We also love meeting and creating beautiful work with new artists. If you would like suggestions, as to what to look for or avoid, just let us know. 

It is our hope that you find someone with a photography style and personality that you will fall in love with.