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Ric & Rose | Our Travels in Vietnam!

TravelRose SniatowskiComment

Last January we decided to take a month off from our 24/7 work schedule to travel. We left our day-to-day lives behind and, with almost no plan at all, we booked a flight to Vietnam.

Together we flew, hiked, biked, scootered and boated across the country.  As we traveled, we filmed a bit here and there and took photos - lots of photos. Mostly we immersed ourselves in the excitement of traveling, the joy of being somewhere entirely new. 

When we returned home, we decided to take some of the moments we captured during our travels and make a film to remember our adventure in the years to come.

We thought, since many of you are trying to get to know a bit about who we are, we we would share our film and photos with you here. You can see a few of our favorite photos below.

If you would like to see more of our trip, you can click here for the whole post.